Ready for electrifying.

An ergonomically designed wraparound dashboard, along with a 10.1-inch LED touch screen, ensures a clear display and intuitive controls within the driver’s easy reach. A selection of controls can also be conveniently operated through the multifunctional steering wheel. This helps drivers to keep their eyes on the road and can significantly reduce driving fatigue.

The driver-friendly cab has even more to offer. It features an adjustable driver seat with electric heating for optimum comfort. There are also multiple compartments for storage needs. The spacious cab has a relaxing ambience, enhanced further by the design of front windscreen and side windows, which let in daylight and provide excellent panoramic visibility.

Battery, motor and 5 in 1 motor controller

BYD is the first and only automotive manufacturer to produce its own batteries, motors and motor control system. This integrated technology increases reliability and provides an easy one-stop service solution to customers.

ETH8 comes standard with BYD’s state-of-the art Iron-Phosphate battery which is industry-proven to be one of the safest, most reliable and long-lasting batteries in the world.

BYD’s in-house technology which integrates the e-motor and the axle is a key feature of ETH8, enabling easy maintenance, optimised performance and efficiency.

As a result of its cutting-edge integration technology, BYD has also developed the revolutionary 5 in 1 motor controller which consists of a MCU, a PDU, a DC-DC converter, a steering controller and an ACU. These five components are integrated into one single compact module for enhanced efficiency, reliability and ease of maintenance.

Self developed e-platform, exclusive for eTrucks

Based on its core technologies, BYD launched a highly integrated e-platform designed exclusively for pure-electric trucks. This platform features impressive modularisation and standardisation, which vastly optimise performance and efficiency, while also reducing maintenance costs. In addition, BYD’s e-platform enables a flexible development to meet your specific operational needs.

BYD Iron-Phosphate battery

BYD is the first company in the world to fully industrialise the Iron-Phosphate battery. This high-performance battery is safe, stable, environmentally friendly and features a longer lifespan.

Battery Thermal Management System(BTMS)

BTMS is a liquid cooling system that guarantees the battery temperature stays at the optimum operational temperature. This increases the safety and reliability of the battery system and enables the vehicle to operate in extreme weather conditions.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Armed with ADAS, ETH8 helps you to drive more efficiently and safely while enjoying the journey.


Without the conventional diesel engine, you can enjoy quieter experiences whether inside the cab, or walking around the ETH8. You can also have peace of mind in the knowledge that you are contributing to reducing noise levels in cities through quiet, pure-electric transportation.

Our electric trucks are 100% battery-powered with zero emission during the operation.

With a battery capacity of 255 kWh, the estimated range is up to 200km with a full-load.

It takes only 2h to charge your ETH8 from 20% to 100%.

ETH8 offers 2 different options: one with a payload of 11,200kg, another with 10,900kg.

BYD is the first company in the world to fully industrialise the Iron-Phosphate battery. This high-performance battery has passed serial extreme tests which made it now one of the world's safest batteries. Stable, environmentally friendly, it also features a longer lifespan.

Yes, when under braking or lifting the accelerator (battery power lower than 90%), the kinetic energy is converted into electricity to recharge the battery. It can effectively reduce brake pad abrasion, improve driving range and save energy.

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