Ready for electrifying.

Loading area can be accessed via 2 sliding doors on the side or the traditional tailgate at the rear.

Anti-slip and wear resistant aluminum floor, along with side protectors ensure the vehicle meets the needs of urban distribution and logistics.

Battery, motor and motor controller

BYD is the first and only automotive manufacturer to produce its own batteries, motors and motor control system. This integrated technology increases reliability and provides an easy one-stop service solution to customers.

ETP3 comes with an in-house designed electric motor, integrated motor controller and the revolutionary Blade Battery, which sets a new standard for battery safety across the world.

As a result of its cutting-edge technology, BYD has developed a highly integrated e-platform which can reduce the weight of the vehicles, maintenance costs, and optimise the layout of parts to increase reliability, safety and energy efficiency.

BYD Blade Battery, redefine the safety standard

Our Blade Battery provides you driving experiences with world class safety Dive in the secret of BYD latest battery technology.

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Our electric trucks are 100% battery-powered with zero emission during the operation.

With a battery capacity of 44.9kWh, the estimated WLTP range is up to 275km (City) and 233km (Combined).

It takes only 30 min to fully charge your ETP3 from 20% to 100% while you enjoy a cup of coffee.

ETP3 could carry 780kg load to meet your daily need.

BYD is the first company in the world to fully industrialise the Iron-Phosphate battery. This high-performance battery has passed serial extreme tests which made it now one of the world's safest batteries. Stable, environmentally friendly, it also features a longer lifespan.

Yes, when under braking or lifting the accelerator (battery power lower than 90%), the kinetic energy is converted into electricity to recharge the battery. It can effectively reduce brake pad abrasion, improve driving range and save energy.

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